Personal Training

Class times not available when you need them? Have a specific training goal in mind? Don't enjoy working out with others but love accountability? These are all great reasons for selecting personal training. 


On-site, in-home or outdoor training is available.  




Packages -

Expire 1 year from purchase date

5 sessions ($45/session) -$225

10 sessions ($40/session) -$400

Month to Month Sessions-

Purchased for current month only and must be used during that month. Sessions do not roll over into following month (Four weeks from start date)

1x a week (4 sessions@$40/session)- $160

2x a week (8 sessions@$35/session)- $280

3x a week (12 sessions@$30/session)- $360

Individualized Programming

ID Programming is ideal for those who would like a customized day to day workout program that can be completed either on site, or remotely at a different gym, at home, in a park, or wherever you are! Complete with how-to videos, detailed explanations, and feedback from your coach, this is a sure way to get fast tracked to your goals. 


Specialty Programs

8-week programs designed to take you to the next level! These programs have a one-time fee and are customized after your test week to meet you right where you're at. 

  • Olympic Lifting*

  • Core/Abs

  • Posterior Chain (Glutes and Hamstrings)

  • Absolute Strength

  • Gymnastic Strength 

$100 per program

*Olympic Lifting requires previous OLY experience